Mt Robson and the Robson Glacier, A.O. Wheeler, 1911

Here at MLP, we’re always excited to talk about mountains. We were recently lucky enough to work with Mendel Skulski and Adam Huggins at Futures Ecologies, who turned our learnings in and about mountains into a new podcast (Mountain Legacies). Featuring interviews with MLP field crew members, long-time collaborators and new partners, the resulting narrative emphasizes what special places mountains are – majestic and seemingly immutable, yet full of flux and transformation. You’ll get to hear from people who have been with the project from the very start and learn about new tantalizing directions our research is taking. It’s a podcast as evocative as the photographs we work with. So have a listen as participants recount the serendipitous beginnings of the MLP, the challenges, hazards and fun of working in the mountains, the remarkable landscape change captured by the photographs, and the potential to use the photographs in the service of Indigenous resurgence. Might we even suggest enjoying the podcast while browsing through our image collection (explorer)? That’s a sure route to massif discoveries!

Mt Robson and the Robson Glacier, MLP, 2011

Find the podcast here: Mountain Legacies

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