The return to Victoria, at the end of the summer field season, is always a bit of a whirl-wind.  This year was no exception.  I wouldn’t have guessed, however, that it would take four months before I found time to pull together a summary post.  Remembering them now, in these slow, rainy winter days, our summer exploits feel like a lifetime away.  The preceding blog posts provide plenty of material with which to escape the winter blues.  Ellie’s done a much better job describing our adventures than I could so I wont try to summarize highlights here.  I will, however, share a few more photos and the results from our action-packed, 32-day field season.

All told, Ellie and I drove a staggering 5000 km in our trusty EXPEDITION MAX and covered almost the entire length of the Albertan Rocky Mountains.  Along the way we worked with eight provincial and federal agencies on 12 historical surveys, repeating almost 200 images!


Field Photos:

2011 Field Report:
Coming soon!


Given the size of our crew and abridged field season, this was a huge success.  It could only have been realized with generous help of a large group of individuals.  In particular, this internationally significant work would not exist without Dr. Eric Higgs’ tireless commitment; thank you.

Thanks are also due to Alina Fisher, Rob Watt, Bruce Mayor, Rick Arthur, Dave Finn, Kevin Freehill, Gordon Glover, Bill Tinge and all the SRD Staff we had the pleaure of working with in the Foothills and Clearwater Districts.  In Glacier National Park: Sarah Boyle, Jocelyn Hirose, Greg Walker, Sylvia Forest, Eric Dafoe, Danyelle Magnan, Jacolyn Daniluck, and Nick Phillips; Mt Robson Provincial Park: Wayne Van Velzen and Hugo Mulyk; Jasper National Park:  Kelly Deagle, Greg Horne and Kim Forster. From Library and Archives Canada: Maggie McDonald, Eric Boudreau and Jill Delaney, and from the University of Alberta Libraries: Igor Jakab, Sandy Campbell and Bonnie Gallinger.

Further thanks are due to a number of individuals who contributed to the success of our work this summer.  Specifically, to the PICS funded research team of Jake Fisher (Alberta Innovates), Matthew Wheatley (Alberta Parks), Tory Stevens (BC Parks), Brian Starzomski (UVic) and Alexandra Branzan Albu (UVic).  Last, but not least, our legs are also indebted to the volunteer assistance of Chris Gat, Mandy Annand, Jenna Falk and Clare Higgs.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with everyone involved this year, especially my exceptional crew-mate, Ellie.  I look forward, excitedly, to the future of the Mountain Legacy Project!

— Stuart