Our first week is flying by! Literally – we’ve had two days of helicopter support here and an awesome pilot who set us down right next to our stations, so we have managed to get lots done. Our first day out we were up over 9000 ft. doing two stations near the North Saskatchewan Crossing. We worked fast to try to get photos done before the weather rolled in, but we headed home for the day when it started to look like this:

Stuart was super speedy with lining up and taking photos to minimize the time the camera was exposed to the elements, but once back at the base we realized they had too many rain spots on the filter to use. Alas, we had to return to the same stations yesterday, when the view looked like this instead:

 Wilson Icefield and North Saskatchewan River.

Not a bad day! We managed 5 stations in total yesterday to wrap up all our photos in this area a couple days early. Today we’ve been catching up on office work. Weather permitting, we’ll repeat some Dowling 1904 stations near the Ya Ha Tinda ranch tomorrow then carry on south. Til then,

MLP out