Oh hey there, finally got to go hiking again today.

We took a few days to recover from our stint in the Kootenays in Banff.  We hung out in the rain, caught some music at the Canmore folk fest, and said goodbye to our funky apartments.

We have moved to the Elbow fire base in Bragg Creek, where the food is plentiful and amazing (thanks to Darrell and Michelle.) I was itching to go hiking, and former crew leader Mandy was around so we went and hiked Grotto Mountain in Canmore.  The trail is awesome if you like going straight up for 1000+ meters, and are against switchbacks for some reason.

After the texting was done, she helped me finish the station.  It was actually pretty nice up there.

I was pleased to find that my legs still work.

Tomorrow we are off to the Red Deer River, to the new Mountain Legacy Base.  Hopefully there will be phone or internet signals so I can keep the loyal fans up to date!

Fall is approaching fast, aaaaaah.