Dateline Wed, June 12 – Repeat Photography Reveals How Glaciers Change Over Time

The July/August 2019 edition of Discover Magazine is out. It is jam-packed with fascinating articles, images, blogs, and podcasts. But, this edition is particularly special for the Mountain Legacy Project because we are part of the Ecology, Sustainability, and Climate Change section!

“Experimental philosopher”, artist, and writer Jonathon Keats digs deep into what informs the science and art of repeat photography, unlocking some of the secrets around the dynamism of landscape change. Two repeat photographers of renown are interviewed – Robert Webb, retired from the US Geological Survey, and MLP’s own Eric Higgs.

Reflecting on his work in the Grand Canyon and elsewhere, Webb relates how repeat photography can be used not only to answer ecological research questions, but to generate many, many more questions. In the same article Higgs unpacks the Mountain Legacy backstory. Looking out over a mountain landscape that has changed radically in the years between the original photo and the repeat he reveals what it is like to experience “repeat photography vertigo”.

The article is illustrated with images by Mary Sanseverino, an MLP research associate, and by revealing panoramas from the Mountain Legacy Collection.

Visit the online edition or pick up a copy to read all about it!

Images from Discover Magazine

These shots were selected by Discover Magazine’s photographic editors to illustrate the article.

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Follow along with MLP and learn more about the process of repeat photography in the Canadian mountain west: