Winter arrived in the rockies at the end of August, so it was time for us to pack our equipment and quit work for the summer.

Just like Bridgland and Wheeler, I have headed to Calgary for the winter to make maps after spending the summer season creating images.  I am currently working on a masters in GIS at the University of Calgary, although fortunately I did not have to take a train or horse to get here.

The rest of our crew has headed back to Victoria, and I am jealous because it has already snowed here.

Despite setbacks in the latter part of August because of smoke, snow, rain, and fog, the last week of the month was highly productive.  Clear skies (and major cold) as well as helicopter support from the Rocky District of Alberta SRD, allowed us to squeeze the last few nice days out of the summer.

At the end of the week, we had many volunteers come and join us, including our lab staff and some previous years field crew members.

So on our very last field day of 2010, we sent our new team members to some epic mountain locations, while Stuart, Lesley Winterhalt (of previous blogging fame,) and I stayed behind to prepare the base for our year end get together.

30 people joined us at the base for a cowboy barbeque, sharing of images and maps, and a mountainy good time.  The rain stopped us from going into the field, but we had an interesting indoor session on how we create repeat images.

Despite challenges along the way, including some automotive repair,

it was a highly successful summer.

We took over 900 images this summer.

Thanks to support from so many people this summer, we were able to accomplish heaps more than we had imagined.

It was a fantastic summer with Stuart Higgs and the Surveyors.

(our new band)

We sincerely hope it can happen again next year.

Keep an eye on the website as we upload more images, and a map interface in the works.

Thanks for reading!

Will McInnes

For now, here are a few repeats from this summer.

Mt. Assiniboine from the Nub,  A.O. Wheeler, 1913

Mountain Legacy Project, 2010

Glacier on W side of Assiniboine from Mt. Strom, Wheeler 1913

Mountain Legacy Project, 2010

Looking W from Mt. Strom, Wheeler, 1913

MLP, 2010

Exshaw East , J.J. McArthur, 1890 (East of Canmore)

MLP, 2010

Lake Louise East, McArthur, 1892

MLP, 2010

Sunshine Meadows, McArthur, 1890

MLP, 2010

Radium from Redstreak Mt., M.P. Bridgland, 1922

MLP, 2010

Across Red Deer River, Bridgland, 1917

MLP, 2010

Tent Mt., S of Crowsnest Pass, Wheeler, 1914

MLP, 2010