(Apparently this is Mt. Cory)

Ryan and I left the house this morning with the sun above us and high hopes.  But then the thundershowers came.

We went for a really nice walk through Cory pass, and now we have tired legs and no pictures.

Ryan was pretending to be happy all day.

After much wandering, head scratching, and witching, we finally figured out where the station was.  Too bad it was pouring rain.  At least finding it will be easy next time.

(Mt. Louis)

Tomorrow, we are off to the Kootenays for a week.  A few days in Radium working with Kootenay National Park, and a few days at Mt. Assiniboine.  Hopefully there will be some cell service and I can do some Blackberry blogging.  I promise to upload amazing pictures upon returning from Assiniboine.

Wish for sun for us.