Focus on Ice and Snow

Perhaps some of the most noticeable change in the Canadian mountain west can be found in ice and snow — especially on some of the impressively large glaciers, ice fields, and snow fields that grace Canada’s heights. This gallery presents images showing change that a century or more has brought to some of Canada’s most iconic glaciers and ice fields. In all of the repeat images Mountain Legacy Project field teams work to locate the exact positions used by the historical surveyor(s) for the original images. The goal is to duplicate the historic photographs as accurately as possible. MLP teams aim to be within a metre of the historical surveyor’s camera position. The results of this careful process can be startling, revealing change that can be massive or subtle, and similarities that seem almost timeless.

Mary Sanseverino

Currator of the Focus on Ice and Snow Gallery

Mary Sanseverino has been involved, in one way or another, with the Mountain Legacy Project since 2010. She has been in the field with MLP many times and continues to undertake mountain rephotography projects, often involving members of the Alpine Club of Canada as honorary MLP team members. Since 2014 Mary’s photographic interests have turned to designing and creating panoramic mountain images – the better to allow viewers to get “a feel” for the immensity of the mountain landscape. Working with images already in the MLP collection, Mary selected, created, and curated the panoramas presented in this gallery.