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A 1937 look into the Nahanni

The Mountain Legacy Project has long hoped to examine historic glass plate negatives from the Northwest Territories. Last year, while working with research colleagues from Library and Archives Canada | Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, our wish was granted! Let us introduce you to 47 historic images from the stunning South Nahanni in the NWT.

Where the (Re)Wild Things Are

Where the (Re)Wild Things Are

Realizing the detrimental effects our activities have on so many other species and ecosystems, conservation biology has turned to rewilding in an attempt to repair the damage we’ve done.

Placing oblique photos on the map

By Julie Fortin and Michael Whitney   [This post also appears on the Landscapes in Motion blog]   The Mountain Legacy Project often uses the term “oblique photo” to describe the images we deal with, but what exactly does “oblique...