Rephotography in Amsterdam: Trams, Espresso, and Department Stores

Mountain Legacy Project director, Eric Higgs, finds himself involved in repeat photography project in Amsterdam, about as far physically and psychologically from the mountains of western Canada as one can get. He is spending the year working on his new book, Changing Nature, which examines the future of ecological restoration in a rapidly changing world. He and his family are based in the northern Netherlands university city of Groningen.

Everything seen from the top of a mountain

Victorian geography, like other sciences of the era, placed great importance on the act of collecting. Landscape, though impossible to physically retrieve, was systematically photographed and brought back to government topographers as glass plates, to be reassembled, measured, and catalogued. The photographs collected here are from William Ogilvie’s 1895-96 survey of Yukon / Alaska international boundary.

Mountain Legacy at the Alpine Club of Canada’s 2017 General Mountaineering Camp

August 6 to 12, 2017 was something of an MLP first when a field team attended the Alpine Club of Canada’s General Mountaineering Camp. Photos – historical and modern – along with stories and maps set the scene and show some of the alpine adventures the team shared with University of Alberta students and staff, other GMC participants, ACC staff, and ACMG guides.

Come Exploring with MLP

It’s the summer of 2014 and the Mountain Legacy Project has a team in the field!  But, before we bring you posts on adventures from the hills we thought it might be fun to whet your appetites for mountain images with the announcement of our map-based exploration...