Who do we want to be here?

The story of ecological change in the Canadian mountain west over the last century provides powerful, poignant testimony about our very different histories and roles in the dramatic changes of the last century. The most important question becomes: who do we want to be here?

Revisiting Waterton Lakes National Park

The Mountain Legacy Project (MLP) repeat photography crew spent a week at Waterton Lakes National Park in mid-July. For most of the crew this was a first visit to Waterton; what we saw was a very different landscape than what was there two years ago. In September 2017...

A Viewshed of the ‘Lenscape’

The Mountain Legacy Project Explorer website provides a map-based tool for investigating MLP collections. But, unless you know the area the photos are from, it is sometimes hard to determine which way they are looking and how much of the landscape they cover. Viewshed analysis to the rescue — read on to find out how!

A 1937 look into the Nahanni

The Mountain Legacy Project has long hoped to examine historic glass plate negatives from the Northwest Territories. Last year, while working with research colleagues from Library and Archives Canada | Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, our wish was granted! Let us introduce you to 47 historic images from the stunning South Nahanni in the NWT.

Where the (Re)Wild Things Are

Where the (Re)Wild Things Are

Realizing the detrimental effects our activities have on so many other species and ecosystems, conservation biology has turned to rewilding in an attempt to repair the damage we’ve done.