So… We had to spend a lot of time doing and redoing computer work, and it was raining and snowing and cold and windy.  But then things got a little bit magical for a while.

We had some sun, and so we decided to make ourselves happier by doing a station on the shores of Lake Minnewanka.  Because the lake has been dammed since 1888 when the photos were taken, the station was underwater, so we had to take a boat.


It was horrible.

Tripods are a silly idea in boats, unless you want to throw up and have blurry pictures.

Two days ago we hiked into Healy Pass (near Sunshine Ski area) and camped overnight so we could split up and get some farther away stations yesterday.  All four of us plus our friendly volunteer Thalia came along.  The trip reminded us how lucky we are!

We did NOT have fun at all.

There was hiking along rocky ridges.

Intense repeat photography.

And unbelievable alpine meadows.

Our next mission: Mt. Assiniboine for a week, fingers crossed it works out! (It’s the pointy looking 3600m one in the back.)

As always, trying to force a smile.