When Ryan and Allie arrived at the Ranch, there was lots of computer work to be done, and they had training to do, so I decided it would be a good time to take a few days off.  So as a nice vacation, I went hiking, climbed some mountains, and chased some sheep.

When all of the boring computer work was done, and I found out we had a helicopter for the next day, I figured it was safe to go back to work.

(Allie Dickhout photo)

We flew to a warden cabin, where I got out to lighten the load on the helicopter and hung out in the sun and the others went on a recon flight to check out some high elevation stations (they owe me BIG time)

(Allie Dickhout Photo)

They were dropped at the station, and the pilot came back to give me a personal ride to where the others awaited my arrival with the red carpet rolled out.

We had some fun on the mountain top.

It rained though, and Stuart was being silly and forgot his coat.

And because the day wasn’t already amazing, when we were back at the ranch the cowboys asked us to go catch some horses, and then we went for a sunset ride on the ranch.

(Stuart Higgs Photo)

Our life isn’t that great though, we had to miss dinner.

Next day Stuart found out we had to walk up a mountain, so he decided to sleep in instead.

I took the ladies for a 10 hour hike, and they were somehow happy about it, so they are alright in my books.

We all wore matching outfits.

Today, we relax a bit.

Whiskey Mike Out. (Will McInnes)