After a smoke filled week, we’ve wrapped things up here in Kootenay National Park. We got about 15 stations done, despite rain and smoke, and are now moving back to Alberta in hopes that the haze might be a bit better further from all the burning fires in BC. The smoke here isn’t that bad, but just enough to make all of our repeat photos of questionable quality. It also looks like rain here for the next few days – another reason to move elsewhere.

We’ve enjoyed our time here working with Parks Canada. One of the many perks of this job is getting to see many towns in the rockies. I really like Radium and Invermere. While we were here, we got to see a folk music concert one evening, and even got in a pre-dinner swim at the beach in Invermere after work one day!

I’m also taking advantage of our proximity to the Bugaboos, and am heading off for a few days to climb with some friends. Hopefully after my days off, the fires will be out, the smoke cleared and conditions once again perfect for repeating photos!

Until next time,

Winterstopped and the MLP crew