After too many office days we finally got back into the field on Sunday! Stuart being the incredible trooper that he is, sacrificed himself to another day of office work, trying to sort and locate the very last of the McArthur images. Sunday consisted of the rest of us driving around Canmore, taking photos in and around town.

Mandy at our first station of the day, right next to the TransCanada

Monday was a slightly more arduous day than the hopping out of the trunk to take pictures off of the side of the road. We had two teams take on Grotto Mountain and Mount Lady MacDonald. Both hikes were about a 4000 ft elevation gain (about twice as much as our previous big hikes). Stuart and I took on Mount Lady MacDonald, while Scott and Chris tackled Grotto Mountain. Mandy was the real hero of the day, staying behind at the base to do some office work.

The trail up Mount Lady MacDonald goes up to a half built tea house just above tree line. Apparently they had wanted to sell tea up there, and had started to build the tea house (complete with concrete foundation and a large heli-pad for flying in supplies), but the tea house was never completed. We stopped there for a lunch break, and then continued along a scree trail up to the ridge-line.

The view of the tea house and heli-pad

It was a bit of a scramble to the ridge, and we soon discovered that the photos were from the true summit, and not most of the way up the mountain as we had originally thought. We got to the false peak and started to feel that today, of all days, would have been a good day to bring the rope and maybe some climbing gear. The ridge line was a little narrow with a bit too much of a steep drop off for either of us to be 100% comfortable. I was sure thankful it was not a very windy day. At any rate, we decided it didn’t look too bad until just before the summit, and it was hard to tell from where we were exactly how iffy it was. We decided to go as far as we could, and see if we could make it to the summit. When we were about 20m from the summit, the ridge got even narrower with steeper drops on either side (we later found out that this ridge was called knife edge ridge). As hardcore as we are, we agreed that this was a mission for another day when we have ropes and rock gear. Luckily, Scott and Chris were more successful with their haul up Mt. Grotto.

Keep your eyes peeled for more counts of MLP adventures!

Winterstopper and the MLP Crew.